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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cohabitation VS Marriage

Cohabiting, or living together,...is it really better than marriage? Is it really any different? I have friends in both situations. In my personal experience, those who were married were a great deal happier than those who were simply living together with no plans to get married.

Do all who live together not intend to get married? No, there are those who live together as a precursor to marriage, with the intention of getting married to the one they are living with. Coresidential daters simply are tired of living alone and figure since they are dating it would be more convenient to live together. They are unsure of the outcome of the relationship, but simply don't want to live alone.

Trial cohabitors are committed to marriage, but not necessarily to the person they are currently living with. The final grouping of cohabitors are those living together as an alternative to marriage. In this situation, they are more committed to their partner than to marriage. They want a long-term relationship, but don't want to get married. So of all these, are any of them a good idea? Is cohabiting better than marriage?

No, it's not. Extensive research has yet to prove that cohabiting with a romantic partner for any reason is a good idea. Several research articles have found definite differences between the two experiences. For one, married couples have reported more sex and more satisfying sex. Married couples also have a better-quality relationship than do cohabiting couples. Most interesting was that married couples reported greater happiness, less depression, higher levels of commitment to the relationship, and better relationships with parents.

All of this points to the fact that there is not much positive said about cohabiting. I believe very strongly in marriage. I stand behind The Family: A Proclamation to the World 100%. I am listing some sources and articles for those who wish to read further:

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