"...Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise" --Alma 37:6

Monday, November 25, 2013

An Open Heart

How do you open a heart? I am sure there are multiple surgical answers, depending on which procedure you are doing. When a person closes their heart from hurt, how do you re-open it? How do you acquire the courage to take such a risk?

I am not big on risks. I don't do anything remotely close to daredevil level. I don't even do slight risk. My financial plan is set up so I don't have to take any risks. I am extremely cautious, most would say overcautious.

Many social scientists have pondered over the causes of a closed heart, why people are so intent on protecting their hearts, but take risks in everything else. A person who is intent on controlling and protecting every aspect of their lives is an enigma that nobody can seem to explain or fully understand.

To those controlling and protective people, the supposedly simple request to trust somebody. Is hardly simple. This simplictic question is one I have never really answered truthfully. Here is my truthful answer: I don't trust anybody, save for a special few. Those few know who they are and they handle with care. The rest of the world I keep miles away. I act social, put on smiles, and play the social and dating games.

In reality, I have no trust in anyone. Those who are my friends may be offended or upset by this statement, but to gain my trust is a very hard task, that few have attempted and even fewer have won. If you know someone who lacks the ability to trust, such as myself, don't push it, don't fight. Take it day by day.

Shrek was right when he used the analogy of an onion. Although onions are not my favorite, nor do they smell particularly sweet, Shrek was right. We are all like onions. We have a central core and to get to it we must peel back all of the layers. Don't try to pull them all at once. That will cause even more harm and force the person to close up even tighter. Peel each layer tenderly, with great care, caution, and understanding. Have compassion and the desire to truly get to know the person.

In today's world, opening your heart is extremely scary, and a lot harder to do. Then again, man and woman have been taking risks all throughout history. Life without risk, isn't life. I am not saying go out skydiving tomorrow. I am saying small, baby steps. Try a new food, or a sport you were never really into before. Baby steps, layer by layer.

The journey to the center of a person's heart, may seem long and tedious, but I beg you to never give up. What you discover at a person's core is worth the wait. It will be the most magnificent, divine, and truly beautiful thing you will ever see and that, to me, is worth waiting for.  


  1. I love your insights. Thank you for blessing my life:)

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I love it when people comment. It helps me feel like this blog is actually making some small difference for my readers. :)