"...Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise" --Alma 37:6

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Defending the Sanctity of Life

"We are created in the image of God. 
The union of the flesh with the spirit can bring us a fullness of joy.
Teach your children to respect the sanctity of human life, 
to revere it and cherish it. 
Human life is the precious stepping-stone to eternal life, 
and we must jealously guard it from the moment of conception."
~Elder Lynn A. Mickelsen~

From the moment of conception, a woman is carrying a child. In a different time, a pregnant woman was described as, "being with child". That truth has not changed, despite the descriptor being lost to time. 

Elder Russell M. Nelson stated, "As sons and daughters of God, we cherish life as a gift from him...Life comes from life. It is a gift from our Heavenly Father. It is eternal, as he is eternal. Innocent life is not sent by him to be destroyed! This doctrine is not of me, but is that of the living God and of his divine Son."

My favorite part of that quote is, "Innocent life is not sent by him to be destroyed!". That is very true. There is a lot of scientific information that I could include in this post, but I wish to focus on the spiritual nature of the unborn child and the sacred nature of the unborn child. 

In chapter 27 of, "Successful Marriages and Families: Proclamation Principles and Research Perspectives" it states, "Each human being, no matter how young or how small, is a 'beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents, and as such, each has a divine nature and destiny' ". 

I have been a preschool teacher for the last three years and know from firsthand experience the divine nature and unconditional love that each and every child has. You cannot look at a child who has love, hope, joy, and divinity in their eyes and not see that. It is impossible to miss. 

Elder Russell M. Nelson said, "Yes, life is precious! No one can cuddle a cherished newborn baby, look into those beautiful eyes, feel the little fingers, and caress that miraculous creation without deepening reverence for life and for our Creator." 

There are acceptable times for abortion. For example: "...pregnancy by incest or rape, when the life or health of the woman is adjudged by competent medical authority to be in serious jeopardy, or when the fetus is known by competent medical authority to have severe defects that will not allow the baby to survive beyond birth." (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1991).

With those comes the understanding that, "...these are not automatic reasons for abortions. Even in these cases, the couple should consider abortion only after consulting with each other, and their bishop, and receiving divine confirmation through prayer."

In such rare cases, serious prayer and consultation are key to deciding what the best action is for each individual case. 

I wish to end with this quote from Russell M. Nelson, "The woman's choice for her own body does not validate choice for the body of another...The consequence of terminating the fetus therein involves the body and very life of another. These two individuals have separate brains, separate hearts, and separate circulatory systems. To pretend that there is no child and no life there is to deny reality."

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